The Ice Cream Team in the News!

 The Ice Cream Team, a locally owned and operated ice cream truck and catering company, is introducing the newest and “most meaningful ice cream truck” on its current fleet. Their “pink” ice cream truck was designed to support local cancer awareness as well as to give the company an opportunity to donate a portion of our proceeds to support cancer research, stated a press release.

The pink truck will be making visits to communities across the Charleston region, including Daniel Island, where it is currently running three to four times per week. The Ice Cream Team’s motto is “One ice cream at a time helps join the fight against cancer!”

Owner Eric Reiner said he plans to use the truck to gather local support for cancer research on the street, at local events and beyond! The Ice Cream Team, founded in 2012, currently has a fleet of six trucks that roam the streets of Charleston and Berkeley County and can be seen at many local events as well as private catering and fundraising.

They sell pre-packaged novelty ice cream treats made by Blue Bunny, Good Humor, Popsicle and SnoBar brands. For more information, visit or visit their Facebook page under “The Ice Cream Team.”