Charleston’s Premier Kids Festival

Mark Your Calendars and Join Us on March 3rd!

Charleston Gaillard Center • March 3, 2019 • 10AM – 4PM

We Do Weddings!

Keep your wedding guests occupied following the ceremony or offer an alternative to a dessert course at your reception with an ice cream truck!  Just imagine the amazing photos you’ll get too!  We serve alcohol adult ice pops and for the little ones- we serve novelty ice cream treats they will love and the experience will make lifelong memories!

The Ice Cream Team will bring a unique and fun element to any wedding or special day. From rehearsal dinners to the big reception, if you want novelty ice cream, served from a truck or adult ice cream, The Ice Cream Team has you covered.  

Why consider fundraising with The Ice Cream Team?

We are proud to have helped dozens of schools, clubs, organizations & parent/teacher groups raise money for their cause! This is a unique and fun way to fundraise in all areas in Charleston County, SC & Berkeley County, SC for great causes.

Do you need to fund your theatre program or booster club?  Does your school need to upgrade instruments for the band, buy jerseys or sports equipment for a team or pay for a field trip?

The Ice Cream Team can help! We can also help causes in your community, like Boy or Girl Scout groups, recreation groups, churches, non-profits, or other causes. We can help raise funds for pre-schools, elementary schools, middle and high schools, or colleges and universities! 

Why consider fundraising with The Ice Cream Team?
  • It’s easy, fun and free to your school! 
  • No selling involved 
  • Free materials and promotion assistance 
  • Get your community involved – students, teachers, families, and local community members! 
What types of events do you attend? We’ve found that open houses work best, where there are lots of parents present to help donate, but we often attend other types of events where there are lots of people present!

Events that would be a good fit for fundraising with The Ice Cream Team
  • Graduation ceremonies 
  • Sporting events and games Field days or end-of-year celebrations 
  • Science fairs 
  • Art shows 
  • Club events 
  • Open houses 
  • Family nights 
  • Dances or proms 
  • Spirit weeks 
  • Movie night 
  • Concerts