Lowcountry vendor hoping 'booze pops' will help ease Hurricane-induced stress

Lowcountry vendor hoping alcoholic frozen treats help ease hurricane-induced stress

HANAHAN, S.C. (WCIV) — The Tanner Plantation neighborhood in Hanahan was having an all-out hurricane party on Wednesday. While most places were closed, business had never been better for the Ice Cream Team. Liz Wilson was the woman making all the stops, garnering long lines along the way. It was a hit with the kids to no surprise, but one of the biggest sellers was the alcoholic ice pops made just for adults. “I know there’s parents out here who probably have their nerves in knots dealing with the children and preparing for the hurricane,” Wilson said. “My home’s taken care of, figured I’d come out here, make a little money and keep everybody happy at the same time.” By 2:30 p.m. Wilson had already made stops through six neighborhoods. She said it all started with a Facebook post to a neighborhood group. Much to her surprise, the requests came rolling in and did not stop. “We decided to get them out while we can, the pool is open, the weather is not bad,” said Ashley Wheeler, a mother living in Tanner Plantation. “These are adult treats. I got Marketplace Margarita, Strawberry Sinner. This will be my first time. It will be a good memory.” Wilson said she had to restock the alcoholic pops several times throughout the day, which concluded with stops to ten neighborhoods.

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It’s an all out hurricane party in Tanner Plantation! An Ice Cream truck making stops in Hanahan, SC has been wildly successful, especially with parents! Boozy ice pops!